The first Shawarma place

in all of Cyprus!

Sam’s food was established in 1985 by Sam Eid and his wife Teresa. It was the first Shawarma place in all of Cyprus at the time, and it was not that easy to get established as not a lot of Cypriots knew what a Shawarma was. Mr Eid ended his first day by not selling even a single Shawarma. He sold just a single cup of coffee.

The following day he sold one Chicken Shawarma and he continued to sell around 10 shawarmas per day. It was not until 1986, when it was Carnival time in Cyprus, where the grand Carnival Parade of Limassol took place just outside the shop, that people started noticing and trying our Shawarma.

Now, 3 decades later, Sam’s Food is a trade mark Take away Restaurant and it is well known all over Cyprus and the world. Mr Sam and his wife Teresa are still working continuously trying to provide their customers with the same great taste and great quality of shawarma, always using fresh ingredients and home made recipes.

Our Guinness World Record Story

After 35 years our quality remains the same as when we started, with fresh ingredients and traditional tastes been our forte!